Buddhist Prayers for Healing, Living, and Dying

º Tibetan New Year (Losar) º

In the Tibetan language, Losar means New Year. In Nepal, Losar is celebrated on different months by different communities. Sonam Losar was celebrated last month primarily by the Tamang and Hyolmo people; Gyalpo Losar will be celebrated on February 10th, 2024, primarily by the Tibetan, Sherpa, and other high Himalayan people. 

In the days leading up to Losar, the monks at Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling monastery and the nuns at Nagi Nunnery perform the Vajrakilaya Pūjā and also the Losar Sangchöd (Fragrant Smoke) Pūjā in order to dispel negative energy, harmful influences, bad luck, and adverse circumstances associated with the preceding year and to usher in good fortune, prosperity, blessings, good health, and excellent conditions for the New Year.  In the early morning at the monastery and at the nunnery on the first day of Losar (February 10th, 2024), the monks and nuns perform prayers of auspiciousness for Wood Male Dragon Year 2151.

In preparation for the New Year, everyone thoroughly cleans their living quarters, and themselves, and decorates their altars with offerings and auspicious items.  Debts are settled, quarrels are resolved, new clothes are acquired, and special foods such as khapse (twisted fried dough) are made.

Losar is celebrated for 15 days, with the main celebrations on the first three days.  On the first day, people arise very early and dress in their best clothing and attend prayers of auspiciousness at their local monastery where they also pay respect to the Lamas by offering the white ceremonial scarf (kathak) and other offerings and receive their blessings. The monastery provides butter tea and khapse and other special treats. On the second and third day, people continue to visit the monasteries with which they have a connection. It is a festive and joyous time filled with the greeting: “Losar Tashi Delek” and the tossing of tsampa (roasted barley) into the air.

May the New Wood Male Dragon Year 2151 bring Happiness, Peace, Good Health, Good Circumstances, and Success in all Activities to all sentient beings, wherever they may be.


If you are unable to make an offering but would like to be included in the early morning prayers of auspiciousness for the Wood Male Dragon Year 2151 (February 10th, 2024) at Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery and at Nagi Nunnery, please send your name(s) to [email protected].