Buddhist Prayers for Healing, Living, and Dying

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Mönlam means “wish-path” – the Buddhist path of helping others through kind prayers. Buddhist prayers are performed daily at Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery in Boudhanath, Kathmandu where there are approximately 500 monks; and at Nagi Nunnery on Shivapuri Hill where there are approximately 200 nuns. H.E. Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche is the Abbot of the Monastery and Nunnery, and Phakchok Rinpoche is the Vajra Master.

People in Buddhist cultures have always relied on the power of prayers chanted by monks and nuns. Through years of study, contemplation and meditation, these full-time spiritual practitioners develop great compassion and deep wisdom that make their prayers especially effective. Recited during sacred rituals practiced by highly realized masters over centuries, the prayers are infused with blessings. Anyone can be included in the prayers; you don’t have to be a Buddhist.

Prayers can be requested for any reason, such as healing, long life, prosperity, removal of obstacles, commemoration of a life event, support for the dying and the dead, or simply to benefit all sentient beings. For quick help choosing a prayer, please see below. Otherwise, please go to the “Prayers” page (for daily and monthly prayers) and to the “Annual Activities” page. For guidance in choosing prayers for specific purposes, go to the “FAQ” page.

º Get Prayer Help Quickly º

The prayers below are chanted every day at the monastery. To get prayer help quickly, request one of these:

  • Amitāyus Practice with Mantra Recitation · Brings long life · Request Now
  • Avalokiteśvara Practice with Mantra Recitation · Radiates compassion · Request Now
  • Dharmapāla Offering · Protects dharma practitioners · Request Now
  • Praises to Mañjuśrī with Mantra Recitation · Increases wisdom · Request Now
  • Medicine Buddha Practice with Mantra Recitation · Overcomes illness · Request Now
  • Concise Manual for Daily Practice (Padmasaṃbhava) · Brings blessings of Guru Rinpoche · Request Now
  • Parṇaśavari Practice with Mantra Recitation · Overcomes contagious disease · Request Now
  • Prayers to Benefit the Living & the Dead · Helps at time of death and dying · Request Now – click here for more options
  • Prayers to Buddha Śākyamuni and the 16 Arhats · Brings blessings of the Buddha · Request Now
  • Tārā Pūjā · Brings blessings of Tara and pacifies fear, anxiety and depression · Request Now
  • Three Prayers to Remove Obstacles & Gather Positive Conditions  · Dispels obstacles · Request Now
  • Vajrasattva Pūjā · Purifies negativities · Request Now
  • Verses of the Eight Noble Auspicious Ones · Brings auspiciousness · Request Now