Buddhist Prayers for
Healing, Living & Dying

º Recitation of the Collected Words of the Buddha · Kangyur Dakdrok º

The Kangyur is the full collection of the words and teachings spoken by the Buddha translated into the Tibetan language. Within the Kangyur are sutras (such as the Prajñaparamita), tantras (such as the Kalacakra), dharanis and the Vinaya (texts on monastic discipline). It is made up of about 108 volumes which are printed in the traditional loose leaf pecha style of book.

During the days that the Kangyur is read at the monastery, there will be about 108 monks present and each monk will read a different volume. This makes it possible for the entire Kangyur to be read over a period of a few days. 

H.E. Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche says that reciting the Kangyur periodically will help to continue the Buddha’s influence for longer in this world as there can be no influence without the words. Also, Rinpoche says, “It is necessary to practice what Buddha has stated, yet it is difficult to practice if one is not able to even read it. So, first read, then study, practice, and ultimately implement.”

When the monks recite the Kangyur, it helps all sentient beings benefit from the Buddha’s teachings and is also an excellent way to accumulate a lot of merit. All of the Buddha’s statements are the truth, and reciting the truth purifies negative thoughts and emotions and increases knowledge and merit. This ultimately helps sentient beings overcome all obstacles and achieve all aspirations.

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