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Annual Tibetan New Year Fragrant Smoke Pūjā (Losar Sangchöd Pūjā)

Seto Gompa, Seto Gompa Marg 1
Kathmandu, Nepal
श्री नागी गुम्बा
Budhanilkantha, 44606 Nepal

February 9 All day

The annual Losar Sangchöd Pūjā is performed in the morning at Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery and at Nagi Nunnery on the last day of the 12th month of the Tibetan lunar calendar, Tibetan New Year’s Eve day.

In Tibetan, the word Sang means “elimination and cleanse”. The Sang Pūjā is performed to purify any negative energy accumulated within the past 12 months before the start of the New Year on the next day. It is a form of cleansing smoke offering that is an essential part of the Vajrayana practices.

During the pūjā, a special mix of wood and incense along with other fine substances are offered to the fire, creating a fragrant cloud of smoke. The Sang offerings (cleansing offerings) are as follows: the two accumulations are gathered by making Sang offerings to the three roots; dharma practitioners are protected by making Sang offerings to wisdom deities; the activities of four karmas are completed by making Sang offerings to local spirits; karmic debts are expunged by making Sang offerings to the beings of the six realms; and all temporary and ultimate obstacles are eradicated by making Sang offerings to the four guests.

Many visit the monastery and the nunnery to offer the incense mix and circumambulate the fire puja. It is believed that by doing this and inhaling the fragrant smoke, blessings, merit, and the fulfillment of all aspirations will be bestowed.

Also on this day in the Himalayan regions, families engage in home-cleaning activities to eliminate lingering past negativities and make way for a fresh and positive year ahead.

May everyone rejoice in this noble and virtuous event and dedicate the merit for the benefit of all sentient beings.