Buddhist Prayers for Healing, Living, and Dying

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Räucherwerkrauch füllt den Tempel. Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling, Nepal.

º Monlam bedeutet Buddhistische Gebete º

Monlam means “wish-path” – the Buddhist path of helping others through kind prayers. Buddhist prayers are performed at Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal; Nagi Gompa nunnery on Shivapuri Mountain; and Asura Cave Temple at Pharping.

Prayers and pujas are supervised by Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche and Chokling Rinpoche, accomplished teachers of meditation and ritual.

People in Buddhist cultures have relied on the prayers of monks and nuns for centuries. Full-time spiritual practitioners develop deep wisdom and great kindness, which make their prayers especially effective. Sacred rituals, originated by highly realized masters, enhance the blessing power of the prayers.

º Pujas sind Buddhistische Gebetszeremonien º

Pujas are beautiful and powerful. Body, speech, and mind are all involved. Prayers and pujas can involve reciting sūtras, chanting mantras, performing mudras, visualizing Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and offering water, flowers, incense, lights, food, music, etc. All these methods generate merit. Merit is necessary for good health, long life, happiness, worldly success, spiritual realization and good rebirth.

º Erbitte Buddhistische Gebete für einen Selbst, oder für Andere º

Anyone who needs help can request prayers. You don’t have to be a Buddhist. You can request prayers for healing, long life, prosperity, support for the dying and the dead, etc. You can dedicate a prayer for someone, or for a specific purpose, or give a prayer as a gift. See FAQ for more information.

We ask that you donate to support the monks & nuns who perform the prayers. Some of the monastics are Tibetan refugees. All money raised goes to the monastery and nunneries, except for the small costs of having a website and using Paypal.

Buddhist prayers, teachings and rituals are traditionally given without a price tag. Monks and nuns pray for people without asking for anything in return. Buddhist lay-people donate as generously as they are able. Many people are unfamiliar with this culture of mutual giving, so donation amounts are listed for each prayer service. Giving, dāna, generates merit.

Prayers has an extensive list of Buddhist prayers, and links to more information about them. Festivals has a schedule of major yearly Tibetan Buddhist prayer festivals. You can request prayers from those pages, or from the quick list below.

Monlam facebook page: facebook.com/monlam.org

º Erhalte rasche Gebetshilfe º

Die hier angeführten Buddhistiscehn Gebete werden jeden Tag ausgeführt, Um rasche Gebetshilfe zu erhalten, wähle aus diesen aus.

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