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º Three Prayers to Remove Obstacles and Gather Positive Conditions · Barsam Drolsüm º

º Clearing Obstacles º

This prayer is a request to the three forms and twelve emanations of the master to pacify all problems within all sections of the mandala of the foremost three roots and the all-pervasive Victor (the Buddha). These can be external obstacles of the four elements of our everyday life, the inner obstacles of the channels and energies that act as conditions that obstruct the attainment of the final enlightenment, or the secret obstacles of our deluded conceptions. If this prayer for clearing obstacles is requested for oneself or for someone else with sincere respect and devotion, exactly what one has requested will manifest. That is what the guru (Padmasambhava) himself said.

º Spontaneous Accomplishment of Wishes º

If one makes this request for oneself or says it for the benefit of others with complete trust in the thirteen chief disciples of the guru (Padmasambhava) – that one may from now on be free from all the fears connected with war, disease, poverty, treasures, obstacle-makers, predators, the four elements, robbers, physical characteristics, avoiding death, the intermediate state, clinging to reality, the sufferings of the six classes of beings, and so forth – all of one’s aims and wishes will spontaneously be fulfilled without effort.

º Prayer of the Noble Saviouress (Tara) º

The Noble Saviouress (Tara) is a magical manifestation of the essence of the sacred activity of the Enlightened Ones of the three times. To invoke this great beings assistance one can physically venerate her with a prostration, verbally venerate her with a supplication, and mentally venerate her by praising and supplicating the physical, verbal, and mental qualities with the prayer The Noble Lady’s Twenty One Forms. One may chant this prayer of the Saviouress’ twenty one forms two, three, seven, or any such number of times. One may also get someone else to chant it for one. If one wishes for a boy or a girl, is seeking wealth, or other such things, all adverse conditions to this will be pacified, whether they are temporary or final. All one’s wishes will quickly be fulfilled unhindered.

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