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[Prayer to all Buddhas, 8 Sugatas, 8 Bodhisattvas, 8 Goddesses, 8 Guardians. Composed by Mipham Rinpoche. Tashi Tsekpa: Auspicous Compressed is a short version, prepared by Dudjom Rinpoche. The original is Tashi Gyalpa: Auspicious Elaborated.]
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May all be auspicious for us.

Prostrations to all the Buddhas, Dharma, and Noble Sangha who dwell in the Auspicious Realms of the ten directions where all appearance is completely pure; its nature spontaneously perfect.

Prostrations to the Eight Sugatas. Auspiciousness and success increase merely hearing your names:
Tararaja, Sthirakaushalamadhashaya, Shrimaitreyalankara, Shrivarashubhakirti, Sarvashayodarakirtiman, Shrisumeruvadayakaushalakirti, Shriarvasattvashayakirti, Shrimantushakarakaushalasukirti.

Prostrations to the Eight Bodhisattvas characterized gracefully holding each of the emblems:
utpala flower, vajra, white lotus, naga-tree, jewel, moon, sword, and sun.
Supreme in granting auspiciousness and success, the youthful Manjusri, the glorious Vajrapani, Avalokiteshvara, the protector Maitreya, Kshitigarbha, Nivaranaviskambin, Akashagarbha, and noble Samantabhadra.

Prostrations to the Eight Auspicious Goddesses, the holders of the Eight Precious Symbols, pleasing with offerings to the Buddhas of all directions and time. Thinking of their essential qualities makes success and fame grow: the precious Umbrella, Auspicious Golden Fish, Wish-granting Vase, Exquisite Lotus, Conch of Fame, Knot of Prosperity, Victory Banner, and Majestic Wheel.

Prostrations to the Eight Guardians of the World. Each holds the divine emblems: wheel, trident, dart, vajra, vina, sword, stupa, and banner of victory. Auspiciously develop virtue and happiness in the three realms. Mahabrahma, Shambhu, Narayana, Sahasrajna, the Kings Dhritirashtra, Virudhaka, Virupaksha the Lord of Nagas, and Vaishravana.

With the work we have begun now, pacify all obstacles and harmful influences. May the fulfillment of wishes, increase of glory, good fortune, prosperity and happiness be met.

May all be auspicious for us.

[If recited when you wake in the morning, you will enjoy the total day's fulfilment. If recited before bed, you will enjoy pleasant dreams. If recited before activity, all works can be successfully accomplished. If recited before a contest, you will be victorious. If recited regularly, you will enjoy long life, glorious health, fame, auspiciousness, prosperity, happiness and removal of negative karma and obscurations. And higher birth is certain.]

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